Plumping up the Volume – Lip Injections Glasgow

someone having lip injections in Glasgow procedure

Cosmetic surgery in Glasgow and beyond is more popular than it has ever been previously. There were over 51k Brits that got cosmetic surgery in 2015. Lip injections in Glasgow, whilst they may not be the most sought after treatment, it is quickly becoming the top booked cosmetic treatment. This is largely because of the amount of celebrities now admitting to having lip injections in the past year.

The Kylie Jenner effect

I suppose as much as some of us would hate to admit it, Kylie Jenner is largely responsible for the surge in lip injections in Glasgow. When she admitted to having augmentation on her lips, Glasgow cosmetic clinics like The Berkeley Clinic saw their enquiries shoot through the roof.

Why it has taken off in Glasgowgetting lip injections in Glasgow can enhance your overall appearance

The reason lip injections in Glasgow have become so popular is largely because of the easy procedure. Getting the injections themselves couldn’t be quicker. Many people find that the treatment lasts less than 30 minutes. It is also a popular choice because there are typically very few side effects. Most people experience itchiness and swelling after getting lip injections in Glasgow but this is completely common and the effects of this typically wear off within a couple of days.

The results

The results of getting lip injections in Glasgow can be as subtle or dramatic as you like. Many people only like to get a small volume of fillers to simply restore some fullness and definition. Others prefer to take it a bit beyond the boundaries and go for results that are a bit more dramatic. Many people have been put off the idea of having lip injections in Glasgow as they have seen some terrifying results in the tabloids. Reality starts have given lip fillers a bad reputation from their misuse but many cosmetic clinics in Glasgow now advocate subtle results that will still make a difference to your appearance.

The clinics

Choosing the right clinic for your lip injections in Glasgow is generally the most important stage in the process. There are a number of unlicensed clinics in the city which are still administering cosmetic treatments. These clinics should generally be avoided at all costs unless you want some pretty dodgy results and a number of side effects that weren’t on the tin. Researching different clinics is the most effective way to find a good one. Once you have got a shortlist, ask yourself these questions:

  • do they have good reviews?
  • do they have a professional website?
  • do they offer a fair price?
  • do they have registered surgeons?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then it is likely you have found some good options. It is often beneficial to attend some free consultations in order to get a feel for the clinics and ask any questions you have about the procedures. Dr Darren McKeown is another recommended cosmetic surgeon in Glasgow You should get an idea from this initial consultation how the clinic runs and their level of patient care. You want to pick somewhere that is considerate and looks after their patients after they have had lip injections in Glasgow.