A Guide To The Co2 Monitor


The Co2 monitor is a device which can be found across the world in thousands of different locations and applications. The reason for Co2 monitors varies but generally it is for health and safety purposes as Co2 can be a major health hazard if it is found to be in higher concentrations than normal.

C02 monitor

The Co2 Monitor

The Co2 monitor itself is a very capable and adaptable piece of kit that can be used in many different applications. One of the main applications of the Co2 monitor is installation in home premises. Almost all homes have some form of connection to a gas mains. This is why the Co2 monitor is essential in this environment as gas leaks could occur at anytime and the inhabitants would not know until too late unless they had a carbon dioxide alarm. This type of co2 sensor is normally small and lightweight and fairly cheap to buy. As well as this type of Co2 sensor there are other forms of Co2 sensors which are larger and are used within industrial environments.

C02 Monitor

What Is C02?

Co2 stands for carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas which is in the earths atmosphere as well as oxygen and nitrogen. Within the normal atmosphere the concentration of co2 is harmless. However if Co2 exceeds normal levels then it can become increasingly hazardous and potentially lead to a fatality. What makes Co2 all the more dangerous is the fact that it is odourless and invisible to the naked eye making it notoriously difficult to detect. This is why a Co2 monitor can prove invaluable.

How Are Co2 Sensors Effectively Used?

Co2 sensors are effectively used in many different environments as well as previously mentioned home environments . One environment in which co2 sensors are widely used is industrial facilities. Large premises such as factories and warehouses often makes use of these sensors as they have an obligation to ensure that their employees are safe at work. In addition to this increasingly factories and other commercial facilities that produce even minimal levels of Co2 are also having sensors installed in order to track Co2 emissions and comply with standards on emissions/pollution. It is also common for Co2 monitors to be found on merchant ships as they are often carrying hazardous materials and require systems that produce Co2 to keep cargo cooled or secure.

Co2 Monitor

How Is C02 Affecting The Climate?

Many climate activists have argued that Co2 is damaging our environment. it is apparent that in the last few years there has been a spike in abnormal weather conditions as well as extreme heat partly due to increases in greenhouse gasses aka Co2. In order to prevent this the Co2 monitor should be seen as a great asset for businesses as it can make them aware of what impact they are having on the enviroment and prompt them to take action. As well as providing this capability Co2 sensors most importantly can save lifes and are extremely reliable requiring low maintenance.