Tips For Maintaining Your Garden In Winter


Planting Bulbs

Planting bulbs is a great idea for winter gardening. You can plant these in November, or even early October. They come in all sizes, and many varieties can be planted in clumps. You can even divide them every few years, if you feel that they need it.

Ornamental Plant

Planting an ornamental plant is also a nice way to add some much-needed colour to your winter garden. There are a number of plants to choose from, including red twig dogwood with its bright red branches, and witch hazel with its bright yellow flowers. You might also consider a cloche, as they are the perfect solution to keeping your salads in tip top shape.


As with any gardening endeavour, it’s a good idea to make sure your garden is tidy. Clean up diseased plants and remove dead leaves. You can also compost the leaves to help balance the acidity of your soil. Leaving a birdbath or other source of fresh water in the garden can help attract birds. In fact, every garden benefits from a healthy eco-system of insects and birds. They are especially grateful when water doesn’t freeze.


A few simple tricks will make your garden stand out during the long cold months. Putting down a tarp or two can help prevent water from pooling in your garden. You can also use mulch, which will help keep the soil warm and moist.